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About iCons in Medicine

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The mission of iCons in Medicine is to use appropriate technologies and social networks to improve healthcare in remote and medically underserved areas and reduce global health disparities. 

iCons in Medicine is a program of the Center for International Rehabilitation (CIR), a not-for-profit organization founded in 1996 by Dr. William Kennedy Smith.  Based in Washington DC, with offices in Chicago, Latin America, and the Balkans, the CIR conducts research, training, and advocacy around the globe. 

iConsult Teleconsultation Program 

The iConsult volunteer program featured on this site uses the internet to allow volunteer physicians to consult with healthcare providers working in remote or medically underserved areas. The iConsult teleconsultation system allows healthcare professionals in remote and medically underserved areas (Requestors) to receive free advice on difficult cases by using the Internet to upload case consultation forms. These consultation requests are routed to volunteer physicians (Volunteers) who use the built-in communication tools on the iCons in Medicine website to respond with clinical advice. This free service harnesses the energy and knowledge of our global network of physicians to bring state-of-the-art medical knowledge to the point of care wherever medicine is practiced.                   


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